Dear Members:

There was a time when the Maxwell House haggadah was used all the time. They were handed out free of charge in supermarkets before the start of Passover for many years. Now there are a plethora of original haggadot adding or subtracting from the all-familiar Maxwell House haggadah. It could commemorate the Warsaw uprising which started at Passover, or the war in Darfur or Rwanda; some add an orange on the table to honor Miriam, or some other climactic personal occasion. Some are even writing their own haggadah. There is now even an App for Passover - but I cannot imagine a dozen people sitting with their tablets having a seder. But no matter how you celebrated our liberation from slavery to freedom, I hope it was with friends and family.

Our board member, Bella Zagorye, decided to once again distribute packages to needy Russians. The Jewish Community Council had already handed out packages but Cynthia Zalinsky quickly prepared 30 packages, I made arrangements for a van and pickup of the packages in Kew Gardens, and Bella and Lisa were on hand to supervise. Bella quickly and efficiently distributed the small packages. While they were modest this year, nevertheless Bella and our synagogue wanted to participate in the mitzvah of helping our fellow Jews.

– Paula Braun